Aroma Therapy Diffusers


Aromatherapy diffusers, as the name suggests, are devices that disperse aromatherapy scents throughout the room. Different manufacturers aromatherapy produce different types of diffusers. Some diffusers allow filling and refilling national aromatherapy scent, and some are filled with cotton absorb essential oils.

Diffusers are a convenient way to distribute the smell around the area. The flow can also be done by paper, steam and candles. Steam distribution is probably the best and easiest way to diffusing fragrance into the room. As the steam heats the oil added to water, oil evaporates and leaves a trail of fragrance in the room that fumes spread.

Lamp rings can also be used as diffusers. The oil stays in the ring lamp, and as the bulb heats the ring oil evaporates and spreads. Also available are a clay pot diffusers like small pots Terra-cotta. A clay pot diffuser includes opening to add essential oils. A cork seals the opening. As the oil passes through the pot, the flow of the aroma is carried out. A fan diffuser, on the other hand, blows air into the oil and spreads fragrance. Electric heat diffusers use heat instead of air to diffuse the scent into the room.

Another novel method of diffusing fragrance using a nebulizer, which breaks the essential oil into fine particles and distributes them small molecules to an area where a nebulizer is placed. Those who believe in spiritual penchant for aromatherapy prefer nebulizer diffuser which sends the necessary molecules oil directly to the lungs where they enter the bloodstream and produce the desired effect.