Aromatherapy essential oils Romance Valentine


So what can you do to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? With the right intention, a few simple ingredients and a little effort, you will be richly rewarded as you express your true devotion to the things you love. I’ve been working with Aromatherapy essential oils for many years, so I’m very familiar with creating the right romantic setting that will make a magical space in your own home a rewarding experience.

to get the right ambiance, starting with lighting some candles in your favorite room and play some relaxing music that you both want. The setting is not complete without a subtle effect aroma. The sense of smell is one of the subtlest and the oldest ways to communicate that we have, the mechanism is still a mystery today. Create an appropriate atmosphere with essential oils has been for centuries. In fact, the ancient Egyptians made aromatherapy lifestyle using scented oils, scented barks and resins listed as far back as 4500BC. Perfumes used lovers to raise the forces of attraction that existed between them. According to history, Cleopatra bath Antony by ordering that her room is carpeted an inch deep in rose petals. Imagine that !!

Now to create a romantic ceremony …. Place either one or a combination of essential oils in aromatherapy burner tea light underneath. (I prefer to use essential oil burner with a deep bowl so that it takes longer to diffuse without overheating and drying out).

For a ‘physical Interlude “add 1 drop of orange, 2 drops ylang ylang and 3 drops Frankincense to your burner. About 5 to 6 drops is enough. Orange is happy and playful fragrance that blends well with sweet , heady fragrance of ylang ylang. With added connectivity as incense gives raise senses you will be well on your way to enjoy sensually euphoric evening !!

For the true romantic, rose helps us think more deeply. It is gentle aphrodisiac with a spiritual quality that you can use alone or in combination. Or if you’re feeling a little more daring try jasmine, wonderful oil that comes with the rare qualities of strength and softness, yin and yang, which makes it a powerful aphrodisiac !

So this Valentine’s Day open

heart for love and romance by embracing the gentle art of Aromatherapy and add some essential oils into your life!