Managing ADHD with Aromatherapy


Whether you are a parent of a child with ADHD or adult living with her manager ADHD from day to day can be difficult to say the least. ADHD and ADD (now known as ADHD – inattentive with DSM-IV) can be done to complete simple tasks, daily events and duties of a never ending series of frustrating experiences.

Knowing and understanding what ADHD is plays a key role in managing it and the person’s life. From a child’s perspective, they are aware and understand what the diagnosis means and how it affects their lives; However, they still have the mentality of a child and can get stuck in thinking that their medication is going to fix everything. As adults we have the understanding that the disclosure is not a one stop solution and work still needs to not only get on track, but to be on track.

Every bit of help is one step closer to manage the challenges that ADHD creates and aromatherapy should not be overlooked when devising approach to it. There are a variety of essential oils that help lead the mind to focus and concentration

· Basil – Basil promotes concentration and working with purpose. Often people with ADHD are of high intelligence, but the inability to hone in on the task at hand prevents their ability to shine through. Basil helps guide the mind to work with the intent of

· cardamom -. One of the characteristics of cardamoms’ includes capacity caused calm and distress, which allows the mind to experience clarity, provide the ability to better concentrate the feeling motivated. When one suffers frustration inability to successfully complete the project, these are the assets that they are willing to come into their lives

· Juniper -. Juniper roots aids to relive mental fatigue. It creates a sense of peace and enlightenment as relaxation and stress already experienced the lack completed the ADHD causes. It also brings to life a sense of enlightenment, enhancing the creativity of the individual. The feeling of inner peace and peace can meditation easier to settle in when there is a desire to delve deep into ourselves and find beauty and creativity that has been hidden by cloud ADHD.

· Rosemary – Rosemary is the mother of all oils because it aids in everything from improving clarity, to awaken creativity, facilitate better memory. When a person has ADHD moving Mile minute, it is almost impossible to focus on any one. Submersion in a fragrance that will help to calm the mind and remember what needs to be maintained is important.

· Ylang Ylang – ylang ylang lends relive the fear, panic and anxiety that one to see the big picture and be able to sustain a clear, concise thoughts. When these mental obstacles are removed, the intelligence can kick into high gear and achievement comes easily.

This is a select group of oils that can lead to a higher quality of life are the day to day complications that ADHD creates. These oils can be used alone, or some combination of mixing; try a few combinations to find the combination that you find both enjoyable and effective. Take some time to read about and / or consult with a professional who can help you to find a retailer that carries high quality oils to ensure that you get the best results.

Whether you choose to take advantage of air diffuser (the preferred method to use aromatherapy to help ADHD children) or topical (as always, essential oils should not be used on the body undiluted), the use of aromatherapy can be a life change for those who have lived and try relief from spiritual bondage that ADHD can be.

young or old, make the most of your innate talents and abilities that we have is not always easy. By integrating aromatherapy in the management of ADHD, it provides the ability to remove this barrier and increase the power of what is often described as stable mental set back by many, and most other weak.