Aromatherapy Wheel Chart and how to use it


Personal History My Aromatherapy Wheels

When I first started my first company in 1989 one of the first projects I did was aromatherapy chart. The is the chart you can call your condition by using the wheel and see suggested remedy. This is basically how it worked.

It was actually allocate fun doing this project was when I learned about it. Since then I have been practicing natural body healing techniques regularly.

HOW TO USE wheel

bike is easy to use and designed to help you choose from over 85 physical or mental conditions. To use the bike simply turn the dial to select the physical or mental condition that you have. List of essential oils and how they are used is shown. Physical conditions specified in black print on the outer wheel. Psychological conditions out in white print on the wheel face. In the interests of safety, see the guidance notes marked with “mixing essential oils for each use” Aromatherapy wheel.

  • B = Bath- after running the bath, add 6-8 drops of essential oil and mix well. A carrier oil is added to make the mixture go further.
  • Note :. Not more than 8 drops, in total, if you use more than one essential oil
  • M = massage; a mixture of 5 ml of carrier oil and one drop of essential oil.
  • Note: Do not put essential oils neat, but diluted in a carrier oil
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  • K = Kleenex; put 3 drops of Kleenex and breathe gently; repeated repurchase.
  • V = Úðagjafi; 4- ~ put drops of one or mixed essential oils in a vaporizer.
  • HC = hot compress; set 4 to S drops of essential oil in a bowl of hot water. Compress should be put in the water to absorb the oil floating on top. Squeeze out excess water and apply compress to the affected area. If possible, apply for at least 1 hour.
  • CC = cold compress; follow the instructions on HC use cold water.
  • Sl = vapor inhalation; add about 3 drops of essential oil (s) in a bowl of steaming hot (not boiling) water and breath. A towel over. Heads will increase efficiency.
  • SB = Sitz bath; 2-4 drops of essential oil to the bath is 3-4 “full
  • Aromatherapy Wheels

Abbreviations : Cham- Chamomile; Gmn- German; RMN – Roman; Euc- Eucalyptus NB- Notes; see NB

Security: Do not put undiluted essential oils on the skin, other than there, and keep them away from the eyes of children. If you are pregnant or considering using oils on children consult appropriate medical professionals of all medical problems.

Explanation of transporting oil

  1. Almond Oil: anoint thoroughly; all round body and facial oil. Avocado Oil: deep penetrating oil is very good for dry and mature skin. Best
  2. mixed with other oils.
  3. Evening Primrose :. Highly recommended for dry and mature skin
  4. Grape Seed Oil: This light, easily absorbed oil, tightens and tones skin
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  6. Aromatherapy Wheels
  • Jojoba Oil :. One of the best facial oil, good for all skin types
  • Lotion station : Is the ideal vehicle for skin related problems
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  • Olive Oil : Especially for dry skin; swallow well.
  • Sesame Seed Oil :. Good base for massage oil
  • Wheat Germ Oil :. high in vitamin E and AB good for dry and cracked skin 10% dilution at higher carrier oil