Aromatherapy Oil


The practice of aromatherapy is mainly based on the use of pure essential oils that are plant derivatives that contain the essence or fragrance. Each fragrance oil has a specific effect on the mind and body. Essential oils are used both aromatherapy and massage. Since different types of oils have different effects on the mind and body, one can mix two or more to develop a special fragrance for specific purposes.

production of essential oils is complicated and delicate process. To produce a small bottle of essential oils, many hundreds of kilograms of the parent plant or flower need. For example, the 2000 kilograms of rose petals may be required to produce a liter of essential oil of her.

Now there is a huge demand for pure essential oils. Purity can come from several factors, including the manner in which the parent plant has been cultivated. Organic and non-organic essential oils found in the markets. Organic essential oils come from plants grown without pesticides, herbicides, radiation or any unnatural treatment. Non-organic oils come from plants that have passed through all this. It is likely that this will contain toxic chemicals and unnatural substances that may be allergic, or who may do more harm than good to the user. There is nothing like using 100% pure essential oils. Since excessive use of essential oils can be dangerous and where they are heavily concentrated, these are diluted at the time of use by another oil, called carrier oil. Almond oil, jajoba oil, apricot oil, olive oil etc are all carrier oils. Be it an essential oil or carrier oil, they should be stored in a cool dark place due to the volatile nature and sensitivity of the Ultra Violet light.